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FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S.and other countries, and the file folder logo is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc.


Our services include:
Custom FileMaker solution development You come to us with the need - we develop the solution that will meet it.
Off-the-shelf FileMaker solutions Some of our existing solutions are available for immediate use. Some examples of existing solutions can be found in 'Example solutions'. However it's only possible to show a sample of our solutions, so if you're looking for something that doesn't seem to be covered, please call us to find out whether we've got an existing solution that could meet your needs.
Customised off-the-shelf FileMaker solutions Minor customisation of one of our existing products may be all you need. This will reduce your costs and speed development time. See 'Example solutions'.
Redevelopment of your existing FileMaker database Sometimes a customer has an existing FileMaker database that they want to develop further but lack the skill expertise or time to do so. Even if you don't have the master password we can help.
Our experience and investment in third party software tools can make a big difference to the speed and reliability of your solution especially is you are moving to the FileMaker 7 and above architecture.
Consultancy A MoleSoft solution will not always be right for you, but we are happy to advise on a consultancy basis. We have also undertaken tasks such as the installation of FileMaker Server Advanced onto client servers and remote hosted servers.
Advice on and excution of upgrades to your FileMaker version In particular the change of file format introduced by Filemaker with version 7 (.fp5 became .fp7) means a complex transitiion for users. Since the format change the 5 upgrades have brought many very powerful features. An upgrade can bring many benifits but it's important to understand what you will gain and what the pitfalls are. We are happy to advise you on the benifits and likely costs of transition to FileMaker 17.

FileMaker is a powerful tool. Our one-to-one training can help you get more out of your system. For instance, we have minimised costs for customers by helping them build their ideal solution for themselves. If you want to take this route there are some excellent training videos produced by some of FileMaker's top developers that you may want to purchase and work with first. This will get you past the basics and put you in a good position to get maximum benifit from our training and advice.

Support We provide both FileMaker and general IT support for a number of companies. We have experience of setting up VPN and other forms of remote access. We make use of this technology to connect our support computer system via Bluetooth and GPRS direct to the office system.
Offsite backup We provide online/offsite backup for several of our customers. As well as the normal benefits of backup, our offsite backup leaves you better protected in the event of local machine failure/fire/theft and means that MoleSoft can help get your Filemaker solutions and other data up and running quickly in the event of failure of your system.
On-line web database We are enthusiastic about the capabilities of FileMaker Server Advanced and the way it enables our clients to share their information with web users. The "Instant Web Publishing"(IWP) feature is a particularly attractive feature for those who are after a rapid cost effective solution and XML offers a fully optimized method for higher traffic solutions. The IWP method can also be a cost effective solution for internal use where a large number of users want occasional access to a database.

FileMaker Go & FMTouch iOS databases

We have experience of developing iPhone & iPad optimised databases with both FileMaker Go and FMTouch. This databases can interact live with your master data or have a local copy you can use when you cannot connect to the Internet

UK FileMaker web hosting
IWP Web hosting
FileMaker PHP hosting
& general web hosting

We have our own state of the art FileMaker servers located in Manchester to give it high bandwidth and redundant connections. This allows our clients to connect to their data where ever they are and for smaller operations to avoid the complications of running their own FileMaker server. (see

From this system we are also able to offer IWP (FileMaker's instant web publishing) and also FileMaker PHP.

For general web hosting we have studied the market and offerings of many name registery and web hosting companies for both ourselves and our customers we have become resellers for our best value/high service selections. This enables us to offer very good value. The webspace is fully featured, and reliable with many email accounts a web control panel etc.

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