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Each solution is different but below is a list of features found in many MoleSoft databases
Ease of use Just a click on one button is all that is needed to trigger most functions, even though the tasks that are then automatically performed can be as extensive and complex as you like.
Scaleable and secure

We can design a FileMaker solution for a single user or one that can be used simultaneously by up to 250 people in your business. And we can set restrictions on levels of access so that you can be sure that sensitive data remains confidential or cannot be modified.

Rapid development You will be surprised how quickly our tools can help you to solve your problems. Small projects are sometimes turned around in a week.
Flexible Most users realise that what they initially requested isn't quite all that they needed. We provide a pre-release version for you to try out before we finalise the solution. Of course, if later you find you need additional features, we'll be happy to discuss extending the solution.
Email automation Many of our solutions include automatic email generation. This can include HTML emails. We have access to email technology that will allow your database to send and receive emails independently of other programs.
PDF creation We can turn any printed output into a PDF within a database. This is great for sending off quotes and invoices to client that look as good as your paper ones.
Excel file creation There are many ways to get data out of our Filemaker systems but a popular route is straight to an Excel file. You don't even need a copy of Excel on your machine.
Web automation A FileMaker database can store weblinks and automatically open them in a browser. It is even possible to take information from remote websites into your database.
Web access

There are a variety of ways of opening up your data to web users. Each technique has its merits and we are happy to advise.

These include:

  • Full website enabled database
  • If your connection is broadband and you have access to your firewall settings our solutions can even publish pages direct from your computer.
  • Quick solutions for staff access
  • Remote VPN access for staff (we can help you set this up)
  • Publishing of static web pages (where data only changes occasionally or when serch engine ratings are important)
Telephone automation A MoleSoft solution can mean an end to dialling telephone numbers. Integration with your office telephone exchange can mean that when a customer calls, you'll be able to see their details before you even pick up the handset.
Skype We can automate your Skype calls from your FileMaker application.
Picture capture We can grab pictures from webcams etc and store them in a database for use with ID cards etc.
File storeage

We have systems that store data and video files or references within databases. It is great to be able to store quotes in Excel with a contact and to be able to launch them with a double click.

We can even play videos within the database.

Mail merge Our solutions can take the effort out of mailings and put an end to writing envelopes.
Information sharing Because database solutions can allow information sharing, your organisation can work more effectively.
Intranet Our solutions can allow you to share information over your local network to others in your office who only have a web browser.
Simple installation Simple solutions often require no central server in a machine room but can run locally on your PC or Apple Mac and share data will you immediate colleagues.
iPhone & iPad We can build databases that make your information mobile by sharing information with iPhones or similar mobile devices using custom apps or special webpages or the new 'FileMaker Go'.
iPhone & iPad push alerts If you want to know imeadiatly when say a new sales enquiry is registered we can set up push notifications to your iPhone/iPad that not only tell you but have a link that can open your database in FileMaker Go and display the new entry with just one click.
Text messages (SMS)
We can integrate the sending of SMS messages direct from your database to your clients/customers. This can be very cost effective - prices per message can be as low as 3p.
Address lookup We can provide a cost effective automatic address lookup from UK post codes both for low use customers and those that will use the feature many times a day.
Barcodes We have experience of supplying systems that integrate barcode readers for easy accurate data entry and can utilise the cameras in iPads and iPhones as well.

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