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This application will help you develop new customers and contacts and maintain existing relationships with its easy to use tabs and poweful relational database engine. The instant sharing is a boon with changes made by one user reflected on other users screens with moments.

ContactBase screen

You can have this system for less than £600 for the first copy and £300 per additional user. We also offer a data transfer service to import your current data. Please contact Crispin on 01372 275053 for prices and details

This integrated system helps manage, find and log all contacts with customers and potential customers. It features:

  • A powerful contacts database
  • Filtered annotations
  • A reminder system
  • Automated email creation
  • Mail merging
  • Correspondence logging
  • Can share information with Palm pilot so you can be ahead of the game while out and about.

ContactBase will be of use to all staff who deal with the public as well as those specializing in marketing. Its multi-user design helps staff work as an integrated team.
The interface uses a friendly tab system so that even staff not familiar with databases can to use the system rapidly.