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Timescales and costs

Costs of consultancy

We charge £350 per day. For contracts of several days this charge is reduced. Please call to discuss your needs

Costs for repair and expansion of your current software

We can work by the day on your existing software, or for a fixed fee for which we give a free estimate. For the majority of such work time must be allowed for getting to know your current application.

Costs for custom designed software

Initial estimates and quotes are free. The software cost is dependent on the development time and level of support needed, and is fixed at the time of commissioning. As we normally retain copyright on design, in setting the price we also consider how applicable the solution may be to other potential users. Our normal terms are 33% of the initial fee paid at the time of commissioning with the rest of the first year's fee payable after supply of version 1v0. Initial fees start at £600 but the majority of solutions cost between £1200 and £4000.

In subsequent years there is normally an annual charge of 10% of initial fee for support and for licence to use the software.

If you outline your need in an email we can give a first estimate within days. We would then need to agree a specification and a price. Once given the go-ahead, it may be surprised how quickly the basic tool can be developed. Simple applications such as the one for library bookings may take only a couple of days. Our usual procedure is to provide version 0v9 for the user to test and to start entering data into (in parallel with existing systems) and then to upgrade this first version to 1v0 after a week or so once the tool has been refined with user feedback.