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Ease of use  Most functions require just a click on a button.
Scaleable and secure We can design a database for a single user, or one that can be used simultaneously by several people in your business. And we can set restrictions on levels of access so that you can be sure that sensitive data remains confidential or cannot be modified.
Rapid development You will be surprised how quickly our tools can help you to solve your problems.
Flexible Most users realise that what they initially requested isn't quite all that they needed. We provide a pre-release version for you to try out before we finalise the solution. Of course, you can also have features added at a later date.
Email automation Many solutions include automatic email generation.
Web automation A database can store weblinks and automatically open them in a browser. It is even possible to take information from remote websites into your database.
Web page creation Many solutions create web pages from their data at the touch of a button. You don't even need to be permanently on-line to do this: the database just creates a file for you to upload. An example of this is the Freelance List on the European Medical Writers Association website.
Telephone dialling automation A MoleSoft solution can mean an end to dialling telephone numbers.
Mail merge Our solutions can take the effort out of mailings and put an end to writing envelopes.
Information sharing Because database solutions can allow information sharing, your organisation can work more effectively.
Intranet Our solutions can allow you to share information over your local network.
Simple installation Simple solutions require no central server in a machine room but can run locally on your PC or Mac.
Pocket PC & Palm links We can build databases that make your information mobile by exchanging data with Pocket PCs & Palm OS handhelds.
Text messages (SMS) We can integrate the sending of SMS messages direct from your data to your clients/customers. This can be very cost effective as prices per message can be as low as 3p
Cost-effective The initial charge covers development, and then there is just a 10% annual licence charge. Some solutions take less than a week's development.
Why not contact us to discuss how a MoleSoft database solution can help you work more effectively?