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MoleSoft, based near London in the UK, is a custom FileMaker developer. All of our databases can be run on PC and Mac computers and many can be designed to share information instantly on a network. We can also provide solutions sharing information with Pocket PC & Palm handhelds. Some MoleSoft solutions feature automatic creation of website pages, emails and mobile text messages (SMS).

If you need to organise workflow or staff scheduling, send automatic email, log events, create webpages, have a specialist contact database requirement, or just want to automatically create invoices we could be the people to bring it all together with an application written especially for you.

If you want development of an existing FileMaker® system, give us a call and we can advise it if would pay to move to FileMaker 7 or modify what you have. Then we can either train you to do the work yourself or carry out the work for you.

In addition, we have a number of existing databases which with a small amount of customisation could save you time and development costs. There are a number of these on the link listed below.

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