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Production Management

A system based on this product will help control and monitor your complete business/production process through to delivery by a driver using a Palm Pilot®. The screen shots show a system used by a company who master CDs and DVDs.

This screen shows an overview of all current jobs. Prioity can be set (LHS) and the status of each job is clearly indicated with the use of colour. The status of each process can also bee see on the RHS.

Tabs along the top and the point and click interface make it a moments work to investigate more when a query comes up. The system can also send banner messages across the company.

Should a query come up on a previous job it is a simple matter to search here and discover who, what, when and how.

Each department has it's own screen with a list of current jobs at the bottom and full details of one job at the top.

The contents of the screen vary according to need. Colour indicates the status of the job and a timer allows job length to be measured and end times estimated. Any significant event can be logged and in this example links to files are stored.

This screen is similar to the last but integrates collection and dispatch. It is also used to innitiate downloads of information to a Palm Pilot® and to print collection and delivery notes and lists.

It is unlikely that another customer would require this exactly as illustrated but the design is modular allowing custom version to be produced in with the minimum cost/delay. Why not call or email Crispin to discuss your requirements (01372 275053). The guide price for this software is £3,500.

This screen assists the operator to schedule collections and deliveries.