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The following are four screen shots from one of the solutions in our SkillMatch range - it's a database we designed for a leading UK TV staff agency. With it, when a new booking comes in they are able to match the requirements of their clients with the staff available. MoleSoft has also developed SkillMatch versions customised for nursing agencies and DJ agencies. More versions and details of the SkillMatch range, including walk-throughs of the basic operation, can be found at

The 'People' display section of the SkillMatch software contains contact details of staff with details of skills and places currently worked. It also contains a list of days with assignments and availability clearly displayed.

With just one click you can:

  • Visit the person's website
  • Send them an email of all shifts
  • Call any of 4 telephone numbers (with a suitable phone connection to a modem)
  • Send them a text message (SMS)

The 'People' details section of the software shows you details to which you need less frequent access, including photographs and bank details of staff.

The nursing agency version can produce staff passes.


The 'Client' details display section of the SkillMatch software contains contact details of clients and shows details of any bookings.  

The 'Archive' section is used for invoicing and as a long-term record. From here a number of reports can be generated and you can create files that can be easily opened in a spreadsheet. There are two particular reports to aid payment of staff and invoicing of clients.

This section also has provision for checking off staff timesheets.


It is unlikely that another customer would require a product exactly as illustrated, but the design is modular, which allows us to develop custom versions with the minimum cost/delay. Why not or call Crispin (01372 275 053) to discuss your requirements. The guide price for this software is £3,400*.

* The price indicated does not include the FileMaker software needed to host the software. The cost of this depends on the number of computers you connect to the system and whether you use FileMaker server. MoleSoft can supply FileMaker software at discount prices to customers buying our systems. Please call for a quote.

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