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This system was originally developed for a specialist manufacturer. The basic features are:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Categorisation of sales prospects
  • Name zoom feature to allow quick access to customer data
  • Speedy and accurate quotes and estimates
  • Quotes with built-in estimation, markups and calculation (including drill-down nested calculations)
  • Quote library and preset items
  • Costs and labour estimation and actual tracking
  • Invoices, credit notes, delivery notes
  • Management summaries

The system handles many of the day-to-day chores as well as bringing greater levels of accuracy to the estimation process to help ensure all jobs can be profitable. The users also benefit from the near-instant access to past projects and quotes.


This screen is the main page associated with a particular contact. Contacts are designated types such as client, prospect, supplier, staff member etc.

The screen features:

  • Multiple telephone numbers
  • Send email button
  • Go to their website button
  • List of other contacts at the same company
  • List of quotes with click through access direct to the quote
  • Filtered notes with categories to record all contact with the contact
  Main contacts screen

The software records to-do items and associates them with both contacts and the member of staff dealing with them.

As well as looking at your own to-do list, you can see impending and overdue items for other members of the team. This means that important tasks are not overlooked should there be staff sickness or holiday.

The to-do item section also gives access to notes. This notes section is independent of contact name.

The information can be altered directly on this screen - or for longer notes the user can drill through to a full-screen version. It is quite possible to store all email correspondence within these items.

  Reminders summary

At the heart of this system is the Quotes section. As well as the standard features you might expect, this section helps manufacturers of custom products to be accurate because there can be many layers of calculation behind every line of the quote.

Where there is a background calculation, the line item is shown in colour and the components, and in their turn subcomponents, of the quote can be called up simply by clicking on the item.

As well as calculating the quote with markups etc. each value, including the totals, can be over-written with a manual entry. Where this happen the manual value shows up in a yellow box.

Both preparation time and manufacturing time are being calculated as well as the main value of the quote. As well as allowing workload planning these values can then be compared to actual values so the accuracy of the origional quote can be judged.

  Quotes with drill down calculations

A lot of work has gone into ensuring that the entry of staff timesheets is made as accurate and easy as possible.

When work is commissioned the system produces a page of sticky labels with the job code that workshop staff can stick to their timesheets.

This could be easly extended by the use of barcodes.

  Easy labour costs entry

The software can produce a variety of management reports to help in sales and forecasting and to review past projects.

These displays may look similar to a spreadsheet but they integrate back into the system. For instance, the destination of a quote (and therefore the column it appears in) can be changed at a click of a mouse.

  Report sample

The system is quite extensive and on this page it is only possible to show a few of the screens and give a feel for the features. If you would like to know more, please or call Crispin (01372 275 053) to discuss your requirements. This FileMaker solution will work on Apple Mac or PC platforms (or a mixture of the two) and requires FileMaker server for systems over 3 users. The guide price for this software is £2,000*.

* The price indicated does not include the FileMaker software needed to host the software. The cost of this depends on the number of computers you connect to the system and whether you use FileMaker server. MoleSoft can supply FileMaker software at discount prices to customers buying our systems. Please call for a quote.

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