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We have two applications in the publishing area that may be of interest to new clients.

Both offer multi-networked clients and both can run on any combination of Macs and PCs

  Advertising sales booking system (prices from £2950*)

This page shows the information about a particular contact and allows straighforward bookings to be entered direct. Bookings entered here call on both customer specific and publication specific price lists as well as allowing manual over-ride.

Below are other screen grabs. There are too many pages and features to explain fully here but included are a few of the features and their associated screens.

The system replaces an older design used by customers for some years. It has now been re-written from scratch. We are very excited about this new package and have plans to add even more features in the months ahead including tools for editorial organisation.

If you feel the package is almost what you need but could do with a particular feature we would be interested in hearing from you.

  Advertising sales software opening screen

Each publication issue (past, present and future) can be called up on its own screen.

The status of each booking can easly be seen by its colour. As bookings are confirmed their status can be changed and the display can be set to hide or show cancelled bookings.

A button is included on this page to generate reminders to contact all customers who do not have ads booked passed the viewed issue.


  Advertising sales issue viewer

As well as showing all details including discounts, the booking detail screen shows other information including associated design and creator/modifier information.

It is possible to have ad sales staff working away from the office as long as they have a good quality Internet connection.


The software contains a full customer relationship management module. This allows notes to be made from all major screens (contacts, bookings, invoices, design..) and these notes to be associated with the correct contacts.

Any of these notes can be made a reminder so that it shows on the To-do list.

These To-do items can be set for action by the creator or any other user.


The software can generate invoices and credit notes from the advert bookings.

The status of these can be viewed on various other screens to allow easy identification of unpaid invoices.


There is a record in the system for each advert design. As well as text copy this page can store references to up to four files. On some systems if this file is a graphic file a small picture is desplayed beside the file icon.

Each design has a status making it easy to check what stage graphic preparation work is at.


As well as a simple to use search facility the software also has a 'name zoom' function so that particular contacts can be located rapidly.

Colour is used to indicate the category of the contact (customer, supplier etc.)


  Reader reply card database (prices from £1170*)

Reader replies from each magazine issue can be called up.

From this main screen responses for each product or service on the reply card can easily be entered into the database.

Advertisers can be sent reports of replies received at any stage. They can be sent both printed lists and labels.


  Reader reply Issue viewer

The contacts section shows both who sent back a reader reply card asking for what and who advertised.

  Reader reply contact entry

The 'name zoom' view displays the search results as you type the name or post code, making it easy to discover if an entry already exists.

This is just a selection of the screens that make up the features of this product - please contact us for more details.

  Reader reply name zoom screen

If the above are along the lines of what you are looking for, a custom version can be produced with the minimum cost/delay. Why not or call (01372 275 053) Crispin to discuss your requirements?

* The price indicated does not include the FileMaker software needed to host the software and is for up to 4 users. The actual cost depends on the number of computers you connect to the system and whether you use FileMaker server or an Internet based server. For those who do not already own the latest FileMaker software MoleSoft can supply FileMaker at discount prices to customers buying our systems.

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