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Our property solution was developed initially for a family-owned property developer who employs agents as well as collecting rents direct. The system has features used in almost all aspects of the property business and is suitable for owners, developers and managing agents. The system uses a tabbed interface with the use of colour to designate the sections (for example, yellow for property information, green for rent information). A few of the features and some basic screen shots are below.

  • Suitable for multiple owner companies
  • Tracks rents and their payment
  • Tracks activity with notes automatically associated with relevant contacts, properties etc.
  • Can create all correspondence from within the software
  • Tracks costs (each lease has its own 'bank statement' with categories)
  • Reminder system for Corgi tests etc
  • Full shared contacts database
  • Tracks repairs
  • Extensive summaries (value, rent reciepts etc)
  • Key log (keeps a record of the issue of keys)
  • Tracks commision (earned/paid)
  • Issues invoices

The system can be networked and can run on any combination of Apple Macs and PCs

Along the top of every screen is the tabbed interface giving access to the main sections of the software.

  • Property
  • Lease
  • Rents
  • Notes
  • Letters
  • Contacts
  • Misc (summaries/reports etc)

The system is designed to minimise the need for typing and to make best use of the information it holds without losing flexibility. It's been a principle in the design that when information is clicked changes are either made in situ or if it's more appropriate a new screen is called up.

As an example of ease of use the property list illustrated shows all active properties but the list can be switched to the other common lists (such as all commercial properties) by just clicking on the title text. There is also a full search facility for more complex requirements.

  All active properties

This screen shows one of the property detail pages. Other property pages include lists of tenants, and insurance and valuation information.


  Property detail

This screen makes it easy to enter rent payments. When payments are received covering more than one property or when partial payments are made, the system does all the calculations for you.

  Easy to use payment screen

Rents can be viewed in a variety of ways. As illustrated they are shown as a list. As in the property screen above clicking on any line of the display will take you to a screen showing all details and history of that particular rent.

  Rents outstanding this month

Illustrated is one of the many reports the system can produce. Many reports can be previewed on screen before printing.


  Lease summart for London SW 19

If the above solution is similar to what you are looking for, a custom version can be produced with the minimum cost/delay. Why not email or call Crispin on 01372 275 053 to discuss your requirements.

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