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Main scheduleing screen
  General scheduling/day planner

This design was developed initially for a sports facility where both equipment and staff needed to be scheduled. Some of the features are listed below.

  • Each day can show up to 40 people/facilities
  • Currently can show two locations plus shared staff (could be extended)
  • Click to create and edit bookings
  • Shows collisions and double bookings
  • Items can be set only to show if facility is booked
  • Clearly viewed scheduled hours (outside normal hours shows a grey)
  • Colours used to indicate types of booking
  • Simple video-style buttons can take you quickly to any day

This software can be easy adapted for other applications such as the booking of meeting rooms and can be fully networked to allow many users both to view current bookings and make their own.

If you would like to know more, please or call Crispin (01372 275 053) to discuss your requirements. This FileMaker solution will work on Apple Mac or PC platforms (or a mixture of the two) and requires FileMaker server for systems over 3 users. Projects using this module start from £1,000*.

* The price indicated does not include the FileMaker software needed to host the software. The cost of this depends on the number of computers you connect to the system and whether you use FileMaker server. MoleSoft can supply FileMaker software at discount prices to customers buying our systems. Please call for a quote.

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