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We have numerous FileMaker databases that will be of interest to other clients. A few of them are displayed on this page:

Both offer multi-networked clients and both can run on any combination of Apple Macs and PCs.

  Company self-policing library system (prices from £399 +VAT*)

A system like this is used in an often un-staffed library where it is important that the system is self-explanatory for visitors - hence the simple buttons:

  • Tape out
  • Tape return
  • Who has it?
  • Who has it (for remote enquiries)

This example is for a video tape library system but is applicable for books etc.

The system is designed for manual use or for use with a bar-code reader.


  Events scheduler/logging system (price £899 +VAT*)

This shows a screen from an Master Control Room (MCR) scheduling system similar to one in use by a major TV company. It helps both schedule regular and one-off recordings and enable a log of events to be recorded.

A sytem like this could be used to schedule events in almost any industry.

This central display shows recording and replays in different colours according to source and type (live etc) and makes logging of exceptions as simple as clicking on a button and typing. The system creates repeating items from a schedule but it is also easy to manually create or modify events.



  ContactBase (Marketing dept. database, guide price £599+VAT*)

This integrated system helps manage, find and log all contacts with customers and potential customers. It features:

  • A powerful contacts database
  • Filtered annotations
  • A reminder system
  • Automated email creation
  • Mail merging
  • Correspondence logging
  • Can share information with Palm Pilot® so you can be ahead of the game while out and about.

ContactBase will be of use to all staff who deal with the public as well as those specialising in marketing. Its multi-user design helps staff work as an integrated team.

The interface uses a friendly tab system so that even staff not familiar with databases can to use the system rapidly.

  ContactBase screen

  Employment agency staff/vacancy matching system (guide price £599+VAT*)


This integrated system could transform your employment agency. The system will:

  • Store candidate and client details in an easy-to-use database
  • Match candidates to vacancies
  • Log contacts
  • Allow latest-first notes
  • Store CVs
  • Send automated emails
  • Provide merge lists for easy mailings
  • Provide reminders and work lists
  • Store photos of candidates

This application can help give your employment agency the edge by handling day-to-day chores, leaving you free to develop the relationships that will help your business grow.

If you want to know more about this software go to


  Order tracking (guide price £478 + VAT*)

This shows a screen from a system designed to pass orders for graphics from a TV newsroom to the graphics department. We could design a similar system to track orders for almost anything!

The system prioritises orders and checks they they are to specification. It is simple to use, allows easy tracking and keeps records of time of request and when the request is completed.

A log of events can be used to analyse workflow.


If the above are along the lines of what you are looking for, a custom version can be produced with the minimum cost/delay. Why not or call Crispin (01372 275 053) to discuss your requirements?

* The price indicated does not include the FileMaker base software needed to host the software. The cost of this depends on the number of computers you connect to the system and whether you use FileMaker server. MoleSoft can supply FileMaker software to customers buying our systems at discount prices. Please call for a quote.

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